Albany International is a global company of advanced textiles and materials processing company. Our core business is the world´s leading producer of custom-designed fabrics and belts essential to the production of paper and paperboard. (more...)

Brunnschweiler is a leading maker of the most advanced drying and ventilation techniques for the paper, tissue, board and pulp manufacturing industry, offering a personalized service from the project's definition to the performance test.  With more than 50 years of experience, nowadays the Brunnschweiler group has reached about 250 employees. (more...)

Every paper machine has potential for improvement; it lies within the roll's components. Harnessing that potential requires a customized and targeted solution that is specific to each customer's own unique demands. We at SchaeferRolls provide that solution. From compound development to processing and final testing, it's all under one roof. (more...)

PASABAN is an International Company specializing in the manufacture of finishing and converting machinery for the paper and board industry. The main target of PASABAN is to give the highest quality standard together with the flexibility that is currently required in order to attain the best solution for the finishing and converting departments in the paper and board industry .(more...)

In the paper manufacturing process, high-quality doctoring systems and blades are very important for the achievement of perfect and effective cylinder cleaning. The important factors in keeping a roll or cylinder clean are long blade service lives and the avoidance of chatter marks and streaks. The ORAFLEX, ORACREPE or ORACLEAN systems have been designed for different applications, are suitable for precise use and can be optimally adapted to the respective system (more...)

Tissue manufacturing in today’s global market is demanding and ultra competitive. Consumer Demand for Quality and Softness are critical to your success. Yet, Energy Costs are at an all time high, Highly Efficient Productivity of your Machines is Required for Streamlined flow for your Converting Process or Customer, and Corporate Demands for Profitability are Strong. Maximum Uptime, Maximum Quality, Minimum Energy Consumption, Lowest Waste Possible. These are the Goals Demanded of You as a manufacturer. (more...)
KELK is an acknowledged world leader in the design and manufacture of high quality sensors for demanding industrial applications. Four decades of experience ensure the most accurate and reliable sensors available anywhere.(more...)